SECI releases RfS for Phase IV of rooftop solar PV projects for 50 MW in 21 States

The Solar Energy Corporation of India has been undertaking installation of rooftop PV in various states across the country through multiple phases with the most recent being phase 3 where a total of 10 MW was available for bidding across nince cities. Of this 8.75 MW was allocated in late December 2013. Following this, SECI has now released the RfS documents for phase IV of the project which proposes to allocate a total of 50 MW worth of rooftop PV capacity in two parts – Part A (40 MW) and Part B (10 MW).

Some of the highlights from the RfS are given below

Part A – Owner/CAPEX model
Capacity available – 40 MW
Bidders to quote the project cost required for each state
SECI would provide a subsidy of 30% of the quoted project cost to the sucessful bidder
Maximum allowed quote stands at Rs. 90 per Wp
The capacity allocated would not be limited to a single city in the state and would be split across the available capacity in various cities in the state
Available cities – 21 tier 1 cities and 19 tier 2 cities across 21 states totalling 40 MW
Bidders can apply for only 50% of the capacity available in each state
Part B – RESCO model
Fixed subsidy of Rs. 2.7 crores per MW will be provided
Bidders have to provide year on year tariff for 25 years from date of commissioning
Tariff quoted is then levelized with a discounting factor of 11% based on which choice is made
Maximum allowed tariff – Rs. 6.75 per kWh with tariff for the first 3 years not exceed Rs. 6.00 per kWh and the tariff in successive years shall be equal or greater than the tariff of the previous year
Available cities – 6 tier 1 cities and 8 tier 2 cities across 6 states totalling 10 MW
Bidders can apply for only 50% of the capacity available in each state
Maximum allocation of 5 MW (cummulative) to a single bidder (either Part A or Part B or both put together)
Project size – 10 kWp to 500 kWp for commercial and industrial sector. Projects less than 10 kWp can be considered for residential sector.
Last date for submission of bids – 30th April 2014 with the techno-commercial offers being opened at 3:00 pm the same day.

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